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Distribution Opportunities Available

We understand what distributors need and want because we have been distributors too!

"As a distributor, I have had commissions cut for no reason, my territory expanded or cut when it did not fit my plan. Also, I have had the game change when the company in which I spent years developing its brand and sales was sold to its largest competitor. I have LIVED it! That is why we do things differently. There are no cookie-cutter agreements or boilerplate language for us. Each distributor has flexible models offered to them. Imagine that.....the ability to form a partnership and negotiate."

-Jeremy Jarmon, CEO 2020

Surgical Education

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Legends supports orthopedic trauma and sports medicine education by providing surgical skills workshops and sponsorship to students, residents, and surgeons throughout the country at national meetings and training events.

Distribution Partners

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Our team is currently looking for distributors to support surgeons, hospitals, ASCs, and patients in this geographical region.

Contact us to learn more about our products and capabilities.

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