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Business Model

LEGENDS Unique and Proven Business Model


We are a technology-driven growth company committed to cost reduction through innovation. Cost reduction is driven through lean manufacturing initiatives, strategic collaboration, and efficiency in design and delivery. Through careful project development planning, we are able to advance products from concept to commercialization quicker and with far less capital than our counterparts. We are intensely focused on capital efficiency and time to market.

*Typical Company data from Markower, et al. FDA Impact on US Medical Technology Innovation 2010

A critical component to our success has been our regulatory strategy, which focuses on identifying the narrowest and most efficient path to initial clearance.


Unmet Critical Need

Reduce invasiveness, shift care to lower cost venues, decrease complications, accelerate recovery, increase cost-effectiveness through improvements to existing or new platform technologies.

Technology Profile

Primarily single-use products not requiring significant capital equipment with strong intellectual property, low-to-moderate technological complexity and manufacturing costs.

Regulatory Pathway
Favor products eligible for FDA 510(k) pathway, with or without clinical safety studies, to achieve quickest path to initial regulatory clearance.



Flexibility to self-commercialize or partner with larger strategic entities. Tailor a commercialization pathway for each product which maximizes value creation while avoiding or deferring fixed costs associated with the premature establishment of a broad and expensive direct salesforce.


Initial Commercialization


  • Based on product’s unique market profile.

  • Rapid, iterative product development based on market feedback.

Accelerate Revenue Growth

  • Expand marketing and professional education.

  • Leverage sales and marketing power of larger corporate partner, if available.

Remain Opportunistic to Maximize Value Creation

  • Acquisition/licensing of product by corporate partner

  • Build direct sales force

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