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Our executive team includes individuals who have been a local independent distributor, head of an R&D group for arthroscopy, spine, and orthobiologics OEMs. 


Our team also includes an experienced, now retired from surgery orthopedic surgeon. His expertise and inquisitive mind create opportunities to receive unparalleled training and insight for all of our team members. 

Our creativity will be on display on two fronts.

Our engineers are credited throughout their careers as being innovative with past designs of all suture suture anchors, knotless options, and leap frog technology in ACL reconstruction.

Our flexible sales channel model will have the ability to revolutionize how distributors are valued.

From the moment an orthopedic  injury ended Jeremy's NFL career, sports medicine became his new obsession. His competitive drive translated well to the medical device world. Starting as a sales associate in his college town of Lexington KY, he quickly rose to the ranks of a distributor. Now his new game plan is to create a unique sports medicine company which can benefit surgeons and patients nationwide. 

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